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BC Arts Council Program Officers

Individual Arts Awards:
Media Artists,Visual Artists,Creative Writers
Professional Arts Training Programs
Professional Music Programs
Professional Development
Walter Quan 778 698-3527

Community Arts Programs
Partnerships with 3rd parties
Monique Lacerte 778 698-3532

Media Arts Program
Touring: Media Arts

ECD Studio Arts
Sheryl Jones 778 698-3522

Literary Programs
Museums and Aboriginal Cultural Centres
Visual Arts Programs
Touring: Visual Arts

Sue Donaldson 778 698-3528

Professional Dance Programs
Professional Theatre Programs
Touring: Dance and Theatre
Nadine Carew 778-698-3288

Publishing Programs
ECD Performing Arts
Chris Gilpin 778 698-3585

Co-op Placements
Erin Macklem 778 698-1416

Scholarship Awards Program
Annual Publications and Research
Ingmarie Thunander 778 698-3531

Youth Programs
ECD Performing Arts
Chris Gilpin 778 698-3585

Pan Disciplinary: Strategic Opportunities, ECD
Nicole Neidhardt 778 698-8981

Indigenous Protocol and Reconciliation Liason
Hannah Mashon 778 974-4661