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About Us

Funding the Arts and Culture in B.C.

Investing in arts and culture doesn’t just enrich the lives of British Columbians, it also has a positive impact on our provincial economy. Since 2001, the BC Arts Council has increased the grants provided from $11.2 million to $16.831 million in 2012/13 - distributing over $175 million in 13 years to thousands of artists and arts organizations in over 200 B.C. communities. Specific funding programs include:

  • Awards to individual artists (like writers, dancers and emerging filmmakers) and innovative funding programs for aboriginal artists.

  • Awards to arts organizations like community arts councils, professional dance and theatre companies, publishers, orchestras and symphonies, galleries and museums, and arts training organizations. This funding is used to mount specific projects, support annual operating costs, commission new works by B.C. artists, and help with costs associated with touring.

  • Scholarship awards for students.

  • Special programs to help ensure the long-term financial stability of B.C. arts organizations.