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About Us

What We Do

The British Columbia Arts Council supports arts and cultural activity in communities across British Columbia. From professional dance companies, to art galleries, local museums and music festivals – the Council works to enrich the lives of British Columbians in virtually every community in the province. The Council supports a range of activities that includes funding for professional artists and arts organizations, community initiatives, training and scholarships.

BC Arts Council (BCAC) was established by the Province in 1995, under the Arts Council Act, to:

  • Provide support for arts and culture in British Columbia;
  • Provide persons and organizations with the opportunity to participate in the arts and culture in British Columbia; and
  • Provide an open, accountable and neutrally administered process for managing funds for British Columbia arts and culture.

In 2014, the Council released its Strategic Plan for 2014-2018. The Strategic Plan guides the Council’s development of policy and program priorities as it strives to support the creative and innovative capacity of the arts and cultural community and represent the interests of the creative sector.

Engage all British Columbians in a healthy arts and cultural community that is recognized for excellence.

Core Values

  • Artistic excellence: Foster the development and support the achievements of individual artists and arts and cultural organizations, including those with diverse voices across diverse practices, throughout British Columbia.
  • Recognition: Acknowledge and promote the work of British Columbia’s artists.
  • Access: Provide the opportunity for all British Columbians to actively engage and participate in the arts.
  • Aboriginal Engagement: Embrace Aboriginal culture and heritage and celebrate its ongoing connection to the lives of all British Columbians.
  • Consultation: Work collaboratively and creatively with artist and cultural communities throughout the province to develop new initiatives and improve existing programs.
  • Governance: Use fair and transparent processes that adhere to principles of accountability, independence, merit and equity.


  1. Foster artistic excellence in all art forms and practices.
  2. Strengthen engagement in the arts.
  3. Support the richness of aboriginal artists and communities in British Columbia.
  4. Enhance support for arts and culture in British Columbia.

For more information on Council’s mission, core values and goals, please see the 2014-2018 Strategic Plan.