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Aboriginal Artists

The BC Arts Council proudly supports the artistic development of Aboriginal artists and organizations across British Columbia and both are welcome to apply to all BC Arts Council programs. For more information about the BC Arts Council’s support for Aboriginal artists and organizations please see “Supporting Aboriginal Arts,” developed by Kelli Clifton, Aboriginal Youth Intern from 2012-13.

Over the years the BC Arts Council has formed a strong partnership with the First Peoples’ Cultural Council, a provincial Crown corporation formed by the government of British Columbia in 1990 to administer the First Peoples’ Heritage, Language and Culture Program.

Together, the councils founded the Aboriginal Arts Development Awards (AADA) a program that supports emerging Aboriginal artists and organizations in developing their diverse practices.

The Aboriginal Arts Development Awards consist of four categories:

  • Emerging individual artists;
  • Sharing traditional arts across generations;
  • Organizations and collectives; and
  • Aboriginal arts administrator and cultural manager internships.

The BC Arts Council values the significance of these awards and recognizes the positive effect that they have on Aboriginal communities across British Columbia.

For a list of AADA recipients, please see the First Peoples’ Cultural Council’s Annual Report or the BC Arts Council Annual Report.