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Performing Artists

Choreographers and dancers, playwrights and actors, composers and musicians . . . the BC Arts Council supports performing artists in a range of disciplines.

While the Council's funding for the performing arts is largely distributed through programs for professional arts organizations, the Council also provides funding directly to individual artists and non-incorporated collectives and ensembles.

Project assistance is available to individuals, collectives and ensembles who require support for the creation and/or production of new or existing works intended for public presentation.
There is an array of other programs for individuals and unincorporated groups.

These programs include: commissioning grants for composers, support for a collective to complete the final stages of production at The Banff Centre, support for an intensive period of professional development for an individual, and support for a musical ensemble touring outside B.C.

The Arts Council also provides scholarships for artists who are enrolled in advanced studies prior to taking up or resuming a professional career.

Please carefully review the program guidelines before you apply.

Program Guidelines

Project Assistance for Performing Arts (Dance, Music or Theatre)
Professional Development
Scholarships Awards
Touring Initiatives