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Youth engagement in the arts expands creativity, teaches diversity, builds community and preserves cultural traditions. The BC Arts Council has a range of programs that support youth and organizations that work and provide arts programming for children and youth.

The Creative Youth Initiative program provides an opportunity for organizations to connect young people with professional artists and arts experiences, either as participants in the artistic process or as the primary audience. Organizations providing work experience to students and emerging artists can apply for support through the internship component of the Early Career Development program or through the Co-op Placements program.

Individual emerging artists and arts practitioners are supported by two BC Arts Council programs. Students seeking post-secondary training in the arts may be eligible for Scholarship Awards. After the completion of basic training, artists or arts practitioners may qualify for the residency or mentorship components of the Early Career Development program.

For more information about these programs and eligibility, please reference the guidelines below.

Program Guidelines

Organizations can apply for:

  1. Youth Engagement Program
  2. Early Career Development (Internship Component)
  3. Co-op Placements Program

Students can apply for: 

  1. Scholarship

Emerging artists or administrators can apply for: 

  1. Early Career Development (Residency or Mentorship Component)