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Arts & Culture Week


April 20-26. 2014


Join the Celebration!

Since 1999, BC Art Council has been fostering awareness of the vital role arts and culture plays in all aspects of our lives through the sponsorship of BC Arts and Culture Week. Arts and Culture Week relies on your participation to be a success. Join this exciting province-wide celebration and invite your friends, family and colleagues to do so too.

This is an open call to join the celebration and offer an art or cultural activity duringBC Arts and Culture Week. From artists and artisans to curators and cultural programmers; from educators and their students to culturally diverse community groups; whether you live in a city, a suburb or a remote rural area of the province -- everyone is welcome!

Easy ideas for promoting your event:

  1. Add the BC Arts and Culture Week logo to your existing promotional material, or download the poster template and create one of your own. Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop templates are available.
  2. Add your event to the BC Arts Council events calendar at http://www.bcartscouncil.ca/calendar/calendar.aspx.
  3. Tell your friends and colleagues about your BC Arts and Culture Week event and ask them to tell others about what you're up to.
  4. Post a message about your BC Arts and Culture Week event on any social media sites you use such as Facebook or Twitter.
  5. List your event in your local community event calendars. These services are usually free and available both in print (e.g. weekly community newspapers) and on line (e.g. blogs, community newspaper websites).

Need help promoting your event? Here is a branded poster template for you to download and customize for your own event, or simply add the Arts and Culture Week logo to your own materials.

Create your own poster by downloading your desired format

Poster Info

Connect your event to BC Arts and Culture Week and all the great events happening
across the province by adding the event logo to your website, promotional material
and event signage.

Download the logo as a JPG for web (300 pixels wide)
Download the logo as a JPG for web (600 pixels wide)
Download the logo as a JPG for print
Download the logo as an EPS for print

Questions? Contact the BC Arts Council at 250 356-1718.





Arts and Culture Week Proclamation

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