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Applying for Funding

I have a great idea for a book/TV show/painting/movie/musical/kids’ play . . . am I eligible for funding?

For the most part, the BC Arts Council funds professional artists and arts organizations with an existing body of work and an identifiable track record. It also provides scholarships for young and emerging artists who are enrolling in undergraduate, graduate and recognized arts training programs. The Council supports non-professional arts practise through the network of community arts councils but does not support individual non-professional artists who want to pursue personal, creative endeavours.

How do I get an application form?

Application forms are linked to the program guidelines. Applications are accepted by mail and must be postmarked by Canada Post or a courier company no later than the grant deadline. Applications may also be hand delivered or delivered by courier to the office up to 4:00 p.m. on the deadline day. Applications by email or fax will not be accepted.

The BC Arts Council is currently reviewing its Online Application System. As this electronic system is unavailable for the submission of 2013/14 applications, paper applications must be submitted. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Council staff.

How should I prepare my application? What if I have questions?

Applicants are encouraged to review the program guidelines and contact the Program Officer prior to applying.

Do you allow deadline extensions?

Applications must be postmarked by the deadline indicated on the guideline (see the application form question above). However, if the deadline falls on a weekend or on a major holiday, it moves to the next business day. If you have any questions regarding your application, contact the Program Officer.

How long until I know the outcome of my application?

Under normal circumstances, grant results are available by mail about sixteen weeks after the deadline. If you would like to know the status of your application, please contact the Program Officer in your discipline.

Can I get feedback on my application after the grants have been awarded?

Yes, applicants are urged to seek feedback on their application from the Program Officer.

If I am unsuccessful, can I re-apply with the same project to the next deadline?

Yes, you can apply twice for the same project if your first application is unsuccessful. However, please contact the Program Officer for feedback before re-applying.

What are the tax implications for Individual Project Grant recipients?

Grant funding is considered income, and therefore taxable. The BC Arts Council issues T4A slips for all personal grants.

I want to create a show that combines dance, theatre, music and video. What program should I apply to?

Applicants are encouraged to discuss questions of appropriate program with a Program Officer. At this time, the BC Arts Council does not have a distinct inter-disciplinary or multi-disciplinary program. We have programs for dance, for theatre, for music, and for media arts.

I have been told I can't apply for a new project because I have an outstanding final report. What does this mean?

The BC Arts Council requires a Final Report for every funded project. Reports are due within 30 days of a project's conclusion.

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About the Council

What is the BC Arts Council and what does it do?

The BC Arts Council is an agency of the Province of British Columbia and is committed to ensuring that all British Columbians are able to participate in a healthy arts and cultural community recognized for its excellence. The Council’s mission is to support the arts and cultural community to achieve its creative, social and economic potential.

How are members of the Council appointed?

The Council consists of 15 members who are broadly representative of the regions, cultural diversity, and artistic communities of British Columbia. Members are appointed by an order in council that also designates the Chair and the Vice-Chair. Appointments to the BC Arts Council, and other provincial agencies, commissions or boards, are made through the Board Resourcing and Development Office.

How are applications assessed?

All applications are assessed through a peer review process. Click here for more details on that process.

How are jurors and advisors selected?

Council maintains a database of potential jurors and advisors. Anyone may submit nominations, in writing with Curriculum Vitaes, of people who would be suitable to service on Council committees. In selecting peer assessors, Council searches for individuals with professional experience and knowledge of the discipline and organizations under review. Assessors’ qualifications should be credible to both applicants and Council. To nominate someone (or yourself!) to be a jury or advisory committee member or to learn more about peer assessment please click here.

What is the difference between the BC Arts Council and ArtsBC?

The BC Arts Council (BCAC) is a publicly funded agency of the Province of British Columbia which supports the arts and cultural community to achieve its creative, social and economic potential.

ArtsBC (formerly called the Assembly of British Columbia Arts Councils) is a member-driven, not-for-profit arts and cultural service organization which provides advocacy, leadership and support to community and regional arts Councils as well as supporting the central role of arts and arts practices in building community.

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