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Creative Writers

Project Assistance for Creative Writers

This program assists professional writers with the writing of specific creative projects.
Eligible genres include drama, fiction, juvenile literature, non-fiction, poetry, spoken word
and graphic novels. Awards are available to support the creation of new works or the re-writing of existing unpublished or unproduced projects in any eligible literary form. Applications may
be made by individuals or a collaboration of two or more writers who share creative control / authorship of a project.

Application Deadline: September 15

Note: if the deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, the deadline becomes the next business day.

Before you Apply:

  • Read the program guidelines.
  • All applicants, especially new applicants, are urged to discuss their request with Council staff prior to submission.
  • If you do not have Adobe Reader to view the PDF files, click here to download the most recent version.

Program Guidelines:

Program guidelines are reviewed and revised annually. Please ensure you are working with the most current program guidelines for each intake.

Print version August2018

Application Form:

Application forms are available approximately six weeks before the program deadline.
The intake for 2018 is now closed.