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Community Arts Councils

Operating Assistance Guidelines - Community Arts Organizations

The BC Arts Council has now completed the review of its Operating Programs. This fiscal year, Community Arts Organizations, including Community Arts Councils (CACs), have the potential to apply for funding through the “Pilot” Community Arts Organizations Operating Assistance Program. Applicants must have received a minimum of two BC Arts Council (BCAC) community arts-specific project grants within the last five (5) years to be eligible.

Established Operating Applicants in good standing are automatically entered into a two-year extended cycle of support. New applicants and organizations on Concerned Status will be required to apply annually with a full application. Admission to this program occurs on a two-year cycle; there will be no new applicants accepted to this cycle in government’s 2018/19 fiscal year (next year).

Maximum Assistance Levels for Community Arts Council Operating Assistance

•             The minimum amount of Basic Assistance is $3,000 annually.
•             The maximum amount of Basic Assistance is $20,000 annually.
•             The maximum amount of Local Government Matching is $5,000 annually.
•             The maximum request for Annual Performance Award support may not exceed $10,000.

Please note the budget formally reserved for the optional Annual Performance Award has been reallocated and added to the budgets of the mandatory Basic Assistance and Local Government Matching, formula-based components. The Annual Performance Award will be assigned a new budget in the fall (2017). Once the budget has been approved, requests for Annual Performance funds will be considered via the December 2017 adjudication meeting.

All Community Arts Organizations applying for operating support are encouraged to contact Monique Lacerte, or Kelley Gorman, Community Arts Officers, to discuss their operating application for this year.

Application Deadline: September 30, 2017

Note: if the deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, the deadline becomes the next business day.

Before you Apply:

  • Read the program guidelines.
  • If you do not have Adobe Reader to view the PDF files, click here to download the most recent version.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Print Version PDF.pdf

Program Guidelines:

Guidelines are revised annually. Please ensure you are working with the most current program guidelines for each intake.

Print Version PDF.pdf

Basic Assistance and Annual Performance Application Form:

Application forms are available approximately six weeks before the program deadline.

Print Version PDF.pdf

Print Version ms word.doc

Financial Spreadsheet .xls

Mac Users: after saving or opening the MS Word application form, please check your ‘Downloads’ folder, as this is where the file is automatically placed. You may have to select and open the file.