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Artist Spotlight

Sad Mag (posted November 2012)

Museum at Campbell River (posted September 2012)

grunt gallery and Michael Yahgulanaas (posted September 2012)

North Vancouver Community Arts Council (posted July 2012)

Lake: A Journal of Arts & Environment (posted May 2012)

Theatre North West (posted March 2012)

Margaret Dragu (posted March 2012)

VIVO Media Arts Centre (posted February 2012)

Vancouver Opera (posted January 2012)

Wen Wei Dance Tours China (posted December 2011)

Crystal Pite & Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM (posted December 2011)

B.C. Writers Earn Major Literary Awards (posted November 2011)

David Vaisbord: Little Mountain Project (posted November 2011)

Daniel Conrad: A Cup of Wine (posted October 2011)

Kristi Malakoff: Project Russia (posted September 2011)

Intrepid Theatre - Fringe Festival / Uno Fest(posted August 2011)

Powell River Festival Society (posted July 2011)

Discovery Coast Music Festival (posted July 2011)

Mae Moore Tours Canada (posted June 2011)

U'mista Cultural Centre - From Alert Bay to Dresden: The Art of Giving (posted May 2011

Sandra and John Barth - Arts Add Spark (December 2010)

Garry Anderson - All Aboard! (posted May 2010)

Bill Usher - Kicking Horse Culture Golden Opportunity (posted January 2010)

Dede Crane and Bill Gaston - Love Between the Lines (posted December 2009)

Jennifer Pickering - Wearing Her Art on Her Sleeve (posted October 2009)

Edmond Kilpatrick - Boys Will Be Boys (posted October 2009)

George Harris - A River of Creativity (posted September 2009)

Holly Bright - Dancer Helps Nanaimo Put Foot Forward (posted September 2009)