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Artist Spotlight

Intrepid Theatre - Fringe Festival / Uno Fest

Intrepid Theatre celebrates 25 seasons of alternative, engaging theatre in 2011.
Programming includes the ever-popular Fringe Festival (August 25-September 4) and Uno Fest plus recent initiatives: THE YOU SHOW and Writer’s Unit.

Uno Fest (held May 19-29) is unique in Canada and attracts solo artists from around the world. “This curated festival is a right of passage for new performers,” says Janet Munsil, Artistic Director of Intrepid Theatre. It’s a transition from self produced to professional.” Included in this year's festival were a mix of high-profile international players and local emerging talent.

Spoken word artist Missie Peters workshopped Public Confessions of a Public Servant at The YOU Show. She then crafted a fifty minute show that wowed the 2010 Fringe Festival. Directed by Alex Wlasenko, her play chronicles four years of PR work in 11 provincial ministries.

“This is a light-hearted and humorous look at my daily experiences,” she says. “I’m proud to be a public servant.” Her government colleagues supported her at the Fringe Festival with hoots, laughter and hugs.

In Son of AfricvilleJustin Carter chronicles reuniting with his biological mother at age 27. Justin, adopted at eight, returned to his roots in the black community of Halifax, formerly called Africville.

His monologue reveals his mother’s health and drug issues, using heartfelt language and original songs. “My story touches people in many ways,” says Justin. “and often reveals their own stories.”

Justin thanks Intrepid Theatre for organizing the YOU SHOW. His staging of Son of Africville at the YOU SHOW helped him prepare for Uno Fest. Puente Theatre hosted his first public reading the previous year.

Funding from the BC Arts Council assists Intrepid Theatre with a key mandate: to develop younger audiences and ensure future support. “We’re grateful to our funders,” says Janet Munsil, “without which nothing would happen!”