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Artist Spotlight

VIVO Media Arts Centre

Vancouver’s VIVO MEDIA ARTS CENTRE (1973) supports independent producers of media through lectures, workshops, performances, exhibitions and research.

The 11th annual Signal & Noise Media Art Festival (June 23-27, 2011) presented audio-visual performance and installation works. The year’s theme was Old Forms and encompassed all aspects of time: from historic anachronisms to future fantasia.

Ben Rivers still from Slow Action for Signal and Noise 2011. Used with permission of Satellite Video Exchange Society.The exhibition by Ben Rivers called Slow Action ran June 23-July 23, 2011. Co-presented with the Western Front, the film employs four individual screens running simultaneously. The action explores four unique island habitats around the globe, as the narrator describes the evolutionary paths of each biosphere. The film (part of Signal & Noise) morphs into a future dystopia brought on by climate change.

Histories(s) du cinema, Jean-Luc Godard, 1998. Used with permission of Satellite Video Exchange Society.
No Reading After the Internet
is a monthly reading of a text followed by discussion.Facilitated by Alex Muir, the free event encourages collective dialogue on current issues.The title of May’s reading was Maroon culture and psychedelia in the new world: selections from the field work of Richard and Sally Price.

French artist Nicolas Boone arrived at VIVO September 1, 2011 to complete a six week residency and exhibition. While at VIVO, Boone will produce a new video with curator Marie-Hélène Tessier. Called COMPLOT, the video studies conspiracy through a cast of three plotting characters. A selection of Boone’s videos will show at co-presenters DIM Cinema at the Pacific Cinematheque, LIVE International Performance Art Biennale and the Waldorf Hotel.

VIVO’s General Manager Emma Hendrix looks forward to Nicolas Boone’s residency this fall. “We’re excited about Nicholas producing and exhibiting at VIVO,” he says, “it will be a treat to witness what he comes up with.” The French Consulate in Vancouver assisted with the cultural visit.

Video Out Distribution hosts the Crista Dahl Media Library and Archive, which holds over 4000 titles spanning forty years. The collection is open to the public and distributed widely at home and abroad. For many years, the public watched videos from the library. Their favourites can be viewed at Top Ten Screenings on the last Wednesday of each month.

Photo of Leon Thermin used with permission of Satellite Video Exchange Society.SLAB is VIVO’s Studio LAB that offers educational workshops and collaborative projects. Participants in a series of workshops held May 25-June 25, 2011, built there own Theremin, an antique electronic instrument activated by gesture, instead of touch.

Assisted by Artists in Residence, Rob Symmers, David Leith and Kate Rissiek, participants will play in an Experimental Theremin Orchestra at the Signal and Noise Festival.


VIVO Media Arts Centre is funded in part by the BC Arts Council, supporting artists and arts organizations in communities across BC.