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Media Arts

The BC Arts Council supports supports initiatives in the development of new or unique public programs and documentation by professional media arts organizations, including media artists’ and curatorial collectives, that increase media arts services to the community or facilitate new forms of media arts expression.

Eligible projects may include public programming assistance for the distribution or screening of non-theatrical or experimental original work, development of media artists, new audiences, critical documentation, exploration of diverse new media forms, dissemination, or organizational development.

Media arts are defined as works in film, video, audio/sound art and new media. New media includes new information and communications technologies used for artistic expression.

There are two kinds of funding programs: Operating, which provides annual grants to established organizations, and Project, which are one-time grants that target a specific performance, show, festival or project.

As well, the BC Arts Council has programs that encourage innovation, support regional initiatives, touring, training and sustainability.

Program Guidelines

Operating Assistance
Media Arts Organizations

Project Assistance
Media Arts Organizations

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