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The BC Arts Council supports the province’s publishing industries through grants to book publishers as well as literary and arts periodicals.

Book Publishers: These programs supports BC-based, Canadian-owned book publishers committed to developing and promoting Canadian writers through publishing works of literary, artistic or cultural importance for the general public. There are two funding programs for book publishers. Operating Assistance provides annual grants to established publishers, and Project Assistance, which are one-time grants which target a specific book or series of books.

Arts Periodical Publishers: The Council provides assistance to non-profit periodicals devoted primarily to the publication of literary, artistic, social, cultural, or critical works. There are two programs. Operating assistance, which goes to established organizations applying for funding on an annual basis. Second, there are Project Assistance grants. As the name implies, these are one-time grants with target a specific performance, show or project.

As well, the Council provides funding to support specific literary projects initiated by professional arts organizations. Please carefully review the program guidelines before you apply to ensure eligibility.

Program Guidelines

Book Publishers
Operating Assistance
Project Assistance

Arts Periodicals
Operating Assistance
Project Assistance

Other Programs
Arts and Cultural Service Organizations
Community Arts Festivals
Professional Arts Festivals (Operating Assistance)
Professional Arts Festivals (Project Assistance)
Professional Arts Training Organizations (Operating Assistance)
Professional Arts Training Organizations (Project Assistance)
Professional Development
Professional Literary
Project Assistance for Creative Writers
Touring Initiatives