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Visual Arts

Some of the most acclaimed visual artists in Canadian history have called B.C. home. Contemporary visual arts range from traditional easel painting, sculpture and craft-based practice to video installations, performance art, public art projects and virtual exhibitions online.

The BC Arts Council Operating Assistance supports professional visual arts organizations as they strive to excel, challenge and innovate. The Council has a number of programs designed to help artistic and curatorial programs.

There are two kinds of funding programs: Operating, which provides annual grants to established organizations, and Project, which are one-time grants that target a specific performance, show or project.

As well, the BC Arts Council has programs that encourage innovation, support regional initiatives, touring, training and sustainability.

Program Guidelines

Operating Assistance
Visual Arts Organizations

Project Assistance
Museums, Indigenous Cultural Centres and Visual Arts Organizations

Other Programs
Arts and Cultural Service Organizations
Community Arts Development
Professional Arts Festivals (Operating Assistance)
Professional Arts Festivals (Project Assistance)
Professional Arts Training (Operating Assistance)
Professional Arts Training (Project Assistance)
Professional Development
Touring Initiatives