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Special Programs

Project Assistance - Early Career Development

The Early Career Development Program will help bridge the gap for emerging and early career arts practitioners, supporting their career development and ability to work as artists and arts and culture workers. The program will support early career practitioners to develop their practice while building their portfolio, professional exposure and/or career experience through internship, residency, and mentorship opportunities. The program is intended to support the development of knowledge, learning and capacity within the sector and to create opportunities for the next generation of artists and practitioners.

The Early Career Development program will support the career development of early career and emerging practitioners through three components:

Component I: Internships will provide arts and cultural organizations from across B.C. with the opportunity to host emerging practitioners in paid internships of up to one year.

Component II: Residencies will provide individual artists and practitioners with the opportunity to pursue residencies with arts and culture organizations across the province, nationally and internationally.

Component III: Mentorships will provide individual artists and practitioners with the opportunity to develop sustained one-on-one learning and development relationships with established practitioners working in their fields and disciplines, provincially, nationally and internationally.
Applications are accordingly encouraged from both organizations and individual practitioners meeting the eligibility criteria outlined in the program guidelines.

Program Guidelines

Project Assistance - Early Career Development