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Special Programs


The BC Arts Council has a number of programs that support professional artists and arts and cultural organizations as they tour outside of the province, developing new markets and representing B.C. at significant national or international exhibitions or events.

Touring Initiatives:This program assists the circulation of artists and their work outside B.C. and funds artists’ fees and administrative salaries associated with the tour, travel and transportation of personnel and material.

The touring initiatives program assists with costs associated with touring technical and production, installation for exhibitions, tour management fees, tour promotional materials, telecommunications, and tour booking fees. Additionally, the program includes touring proposals for exhibitions, workshops and screenings.

Community Presenters Assistance. This program is designed to help non-profit community organizations to present performing arts touring events in communities across B.C. Delivered by the BC Touring Council, the program supports events featuring professional Canadian artists, which encourage cooperation among presenters in the same geographic area.

Artists in Education. This program supports artists and organizations that provide educationally-focused touring. Working with some of the most celebrated and respected professional artists in B.C., Artists in Education facilitates students’ access to artistic excellence. The program is adminstered by ArtStarts in Schools.

Please carefully review the program guidelines before you apply.

Program Guidelines

Touring Initiatives
Community Presenters Assistance
Artists in Education

Other Programs
Museums and Visual Arts (Project Assistance)
Media Arts Organizations (Project Assistance)