The Project Assistance for Community Arts Development program supports community arts councils and cultural organizations.

Grants are intended to support either a specific project or to assist the production activities of the organization.

Who Can Apply

In order to be eligible for support through this program, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a registered non-profit society in good standing in the Province of British Columbia AND be a community arts and cultural organization for which the development of the arts is the principal objective identified in its incorporation documents;


  • Be a First Nations Band Council or Friendship Centre working in collaboration with professional artists.


  • Be based in British Columbia and offer programming in B.C.
  • Engage competent artistic and administrative leadership as demonstrated in previous achievements, collaborations, partnerships, relationships, etc.
  • Demonstrate the intention to compensate professional artists and practitioners by paying fees at industry standards and/or community artists on mutually agreeable terms, and adhere to international intellectual property rights standards.
  • Not receive funding through other BC Arts Council programs or through the BC Arts Council’s Shared Cost Arrangement programs at BC Touring Council or First Peoples’ Cultural Council (Aboriginal Arts Development Awards) for the same activity.

How to Apply

The application intake opens approximately six weeks before the program deadline.

All applicants, especially those who are new to the program, are urged to discuss their request with the program officer.

Please note that program staff are typically available during regular business hours Monday - Friday. If a deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, staff will be unavailable on that day.

Program Guidelines

Program guidelines are revised annually. Please ensure that you download and review the most recent version posted to the website.

Project Assistance for Community Arts Development Program Guidelines