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Arts and Cultural Service Organizations

Operating Assistance - Arts and Cultural Services Organizations

Following the pilot launch of a streamlined application for operating assistance in 2014/15, and in response to recommendations and advice collected through the consultation phases of our current Program Review, the BC Arts Council is rolling out a new approach to Operating Assistance grant programs across all artistic disciplines over the next year(s).

Streamlined Operating Assistance will allow eligible organizations to apply for operating support that will extend over a longer funding cycle (two to four years, depending on discipline).

For the current deadline of September 23, 2015, Arts and Cultural Service Organizations Operating Assistance applicants will apply using an interim application process for one year of support only.

Grant amounts for 2015/16 will remain stable at the same level as last year. In September 2016, Arts and Cultural Service Organizations Operating Assistance program clients will submit a full application for support over a longer funding cycle.

More information on the Streamlined Operating Assistance program is available here.


Application Deadline: September 23, 2015

Note: if the deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, the deadline becomes the next business day.

Before you Apply:

  • Read the program guidelines.
  • If you do not have Adobe Reader to view the PDF files, click here to download the most recent version.

Program Guidelines:

Program guidelines are reviewed and revised annually. Please ensure you are working with the most current program guidelines for each intake.

Print Version PDF.pdf

Application Form:

Application forms are available approximately six weeks before the program deadline

Print Version PDF.pdf

Print Version ms word.doc


Note: The application form of the Word document is a fillable form. Hit Tab to move from one form field to the next, or Shift+Tab to return to the previous form field.

Mac Users: after saving or opening the MS Word application form, please check your ‘Downloads’ folder, as this is where the file is automatically placed. You may have to select and open the file.