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Funding Model:

Following a series of consultations with artists, arts organizations and community members across the province as part of its program review process, the BC Arts Council has developed a new Four-Stream Funding Model to describe the categories of its funding support. The model includes Professional Arts, Community Arts, Strategic Initiatives, and Partnerships. The BC Arts Council is committed to continuing a process of review to ensure that funding streams and programs meet the needs of the province’s arts and culture sector. See additional information on the funding model. Click here for more information on the program review.

New Reporting Requirements:

Reporting requirements for all Project Assistance and Individual Arts Awards programs have been revised. Effective June 30, 2016, applicants with overdue final reports will be ineligible to apply to BC Arts Council Project Assistance and Individual Arts Awards programs. Project Assistance or Individual Arts Awards submissions from applicants with overdue final reports will be disqualified before adjudication.
Final reports must be submitted within 30 days of project completion. End dates for BCAC funded projects currently in progress must be kept up to date to ensure eligibility for future grant competitions. Changes to project end dates should be requested prior to the original project end date.

Program Changes:

NEW Enhanced Capacity
Beginning in the fall of 2016, organizations receiving Operating Assistance will be able to apply for new Enhanced Capacity support, concurrent with their extended cycle intake application. This funding is intended to help organizations build capacity and respond to strategic priorities, challenges and opportunities and will offer enhanced support for operations for the duration of the funding cycle. This approach allows flexibility in response to organizations’ fluctuations in cycles of activity or capacity needs, while still providing stable, base operating support.

NEW Interim Special Project Assistance Program
Prior to transitioning to the Enhanced Capacity approach over the next two years, the BC Arts Council is offering an Interim Special Project Assistance Program. Eligibility for the program will follow the same guidelines as previous Capacity & Sustainability and Innovations programs. There will be one intake only and submission deadline is July 4, 2016. The maximum award available is $30,000. Guidelines and application form will be available four to six weeks before the application deadline. A permanent program to support Strategic Opportunities for project funding applicants will be launched in 2017.

Please contact Susan McLean, Communications Officer, with any questions: 250 952-0694 or