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The 2010 Sports and Arts Legacy is providing $30 million over three years to support special arts initiatives across B.C. Building on the success of the 2010 Games, the Legacy funds will help create new programs and support existing programs that celebrate our diverse arts and culture communities, provide development opportunities for emerging artists, support the creative sector and invest in innovation.

A significant portion of the Legacy will be managed and administered by the BC Arts Council.

Legacy backgrounder

Legacy Update! -- BC Spirit Festivals

The Spirit of BC Festivals is a province-wide program designed to celebrate B.C.’s arts and cultural communities and rekindle the pride and excitement experienced during the 2010 Games. It’s a chance to bring B.C. artists, cultural organizations, creative industries, communities and the public together in celebration of the unique and vibrant culture that reflects the Spirit of British Columbia. (more)

Legacy Update! – Additional Legacy Funding for Operating Clients

BC Arts Council operating clients who received funding through the recent adjudication round may be eligible for additional funding through the 2010 Sports and Arts Legacy Fund. (more)