Important Update

The Co-op Placements Program has been suspended for 2021/22. Organizations with activities previously eligible through this program are encouraged to explore the Arts Impact Grant program.

About Co-op Placements

The Project Assistance: Co-op Placements program assists organizations to hire students through co-op placements and work-integrated learning programs for professional work experience in the arts and culture sector.

Awards under this program contribute to the full-time salaries of a student during an eligible work term. Students may be hired to support organizations with a range of organizational or artistic activities.

Who Can Apply

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be an arts or cultural organization, museum, book publisher or Indigenous cultural centre that has received at least one grant since April 1, 2015 through BC Arts Council operating or discipline-specific project programs[1] (non-profit societies and community service co-ops must be in good standing);


  • Be an incorporated non-profit arts or cultural organization that has received at least one grant since April 1, 2015 through the BC Arts Council’s Share Cost Arrangement programs at BC Touring Council, First People’s Cultural Council (Aboriginal Arts Development Awards or Indigenous Arts Awards), or Creative BC (Interactive Fund);


  • Be an Indigenous Government, Friendship Centre, or Métis Chartered Community offering dedicated arts and culture program/s or project/s where the scope of work of the co-op or work-integrated learning student would focus on these activities;


  • Be a professional public arts and culture organization operated by a public post-secondary institution that offers public programming and/or provides regular ongoing access to the non-academic community;


  • Be an established collective, which must:
    • Be readily identified as an independent collective of B.C. artists and/or arts and culture practitioners;
    • Have a demonstrated history of creating or presenting work and a clear commitment to current practice;
    • Be able to demonstrate current fixed costs related to their practice and ongoing activities as a collective;
    • Have a member of the collective act as a key contact person for the application. The key contact person will be held responsible for the application and, if it is successful, for receiving the award on behalf of the collective and submitting the final report; and
    • Have eligibility confirmed by Program Officer prior to applying.


  • Be based in British Columbia and have offered programming activity in B.C. for a minimum of one year.
  • Employ an eligible co-op or work-integrated learning student as a paid employee for one or two terms, for a maximum of 32 weeks.
  • Hire an eligible student from post-secondary institutions with established co-op or work-integrated learning programs and follow all their program requirements (e.g. minimum number of hours).
  • Compensate arts and cultural practitioners fairly in keeping with community contexts and industry standards within the field of practice, including adhering to international intellectual property rights standards and cultural ownership protocols.
  • Have submitted all required final reports on previous BC Arts Council grants as of the deadline date for this program.

[1] Operating Assistance; Project Assistance for Professional Performing Arts (Theatre, Music, Dance); Arts Periodicals; Literary Organizations; Arts Training; Book Publishers; Professional Arts Festivals; Media Arts Organizations; Museums, Indigenous Cultural Centres and Visual Arts Organizations; Community Arts Projects; Community Festivals or Arts Based Community Development.

How to Apply

All applicants must be registered in the BCAC Online Grant Application System. It is highly recommended to read the entire How to Apply Online before starting this process.

Registration requests, once completed in the online system, can take up to 4 business days to be approved by BCAC staff.

Once an applicant has an organization profile in the system, then an online application form needs to be filled in and submitted.

All applicants, especially those who are new to the program, are urged to discuss their request with the program officer.

Please note that program staff are typically available during regular business hours Monday - Friday. If a deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, staff will be unavailable on that day.

You can access the main log in page of the BCAC Online Grant Application System by clicking the Apply Now button at the bottom of this webpage.

Program Guidelines

Program guidelines are revised annually.

Program Guidelines 2020

Program FAQs

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