The BC Arts Council includes an administrative branch that works within the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture & Sport, and a 15-member Council, which broadly represents the regions, cultural diversity, and artistic communities of British Columbia.

Council members are appointed by an Order in Council that also designates the Chair and the Vice-Chair. The Council’s role is to oversee the strategic direction of the BCAC, review and approve funding, prepare an annual report on the status of the arts and culture in B.C., and submit an annual financial report.

The Council meets a minimum of four times a year, and has one annual meeting outside major urban centres.

As an agency of the Province of B.C., the BC Arts Council’s board appointments are managed by the Board Resourcing and Development Office (BRDO). To be considered for a board appointment on any of the over 300 provincial boards, agencies or commissions, an expression of interest must be submitted to BRDO. You can find more information on BRDO and Provincial board appointments on the Crown Agencies and Board Resourcing Office.

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The Council is governed under the Arts Council Act. The BC Arts Council strives to maintain the highest possible governance standards while honouring its legislative commitment to provide an open, accountable and neutrally administered process for managing funds for arts and culture in British Columbia.

Council Remuneration

The following documents list the remuneration provided to the Council members for their participation.

2019 Council member remuneration

2018 Council member remuneration

2017 Council member remuneration

2016 Council member remuneration