Use this resource to understand our arts, culture and grant-related terms. This is a living list that will evolve and change over time.


The ability for all to make use of information, enter and participate fully in various environments and activities.



Individual or organization submitting a request for funding.



A form filled out by the applicant to provide requested information to apply for funding through a specific program. Additional materials such as portfolio documentation, support materials, etc. may also be required as part of an application.


Associated Grant

The original grant that is tied to a request for supplementary or affiliated funding programs such as Access Support.


Capital Region (used for BC Arts Council grants)

Municipalities of the Capital Regional District excluding Sooke, Metchosin, the Gulf Islands, or the Juan de Fuca electoral area.


Deaf (taken from Canada Council for the Arts)

People with hearing loss, or who are hard-of-hearing, oral-deaf, deaf-blind or late-deafened, many of whom identify as Culturally Deaf – sharing distinct sign languages, traditions, histories and values. Deaf with a capital “D” represents a range of experiences from being culturally Deaf to having hearing loss, and using multiple forms of oral and visual communication. Sign languages are regionally and culturally specific with unique syntax and grammar, distinct from written and spoken languages. Individuals may identify as having a disability rather than being culturally Deaf


Disability (taken from Accessible BC Act)

An inability to participate fully and equally in society as a result of the interaction of an impairment and a barrier.


Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA)

BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act sets out the access and privacy rights of individuals. FOIPPA establishes an individual’s right to access records, including one’s own personal information. It also sets out the terms under which a public organization can collect, use, and disclose the personal information of individuals.


Grant Management System (GMS)

The online Grant Management System (GMS) is a cloud-based platform that supports grant applications, communications, peer assessment, and results.


Greater Vancouver (used for BC Arts Council grants)

Municipalities of Metro Vancouver Regional District excluding Bowen Island.


Impairment (taken from Accessible BC Act)

A physical, sensory, mental, intellectual or cognitive impairment, whether permanent, temporary or episodic.


Operating Assistance

Funding available to support the general operations of arts and cultural organizations.


Project Assistance

Funding available primarily to assist organizations, collectives or individuals with the development of discrete, time-limited activities. These grants are to assist the organization or individuals to advance artistic, professional or organizational development, create or develop artistic or cultural works, and/or deliver programs or services.