In New Foundations: Strategic Plan for the BC Arts Council 2018 – 2022, there was an explicit commitment to the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Throughout New Foundations, we identified Indigenous, regional arts and other historically underserved groups as priorities and have been working to adjust programs to provide those groups with improved funding outcomes. Further evaluation identified gaps in funding distribution for individuals and groups who are Black and people of colour, and those who are Deaf or experience disability.

In consultation with the arts and culture sector, we heard that there needed to be more supports for underrepresented artists and organizations and an increased focus on equity, diversity and inclusion. This informed our Extending Foundations: Action Plan for the BC Arts Council 2022-2024 where we committed to targeted investment in underserved and equity-deserving organizations and the development of equity support initiatives, including a policy to support designated priority groups.

The designated priority groups have been identified as applicants and arts and cultural practitioners who are:

  • Indigenous (First Nations, Métis, and/or Inuit) Peoples;
  • Deaf or experience disability;
  • Black or people of colour;
  • Located in regional areas (outside greater Vancouver or the capital region).

Under the designated priority groups policy, these identified groups will be the focus of BC Arts Council strategic measures, through dedicated programs, funding prioritization processes, partnerships, and outreach. The focus on the designated priorities groups will help us meet and evaluate our goals to better support those historically left out.

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