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The BC Arts Council has posted a Short-Form RFP (Request for Proposals) for contracting with an Equity Consultant to support the implementation of New Foundations 2018 – 2022: Strategic Plan for the British Columbia Arts Council, specifically focused on the strategic direction of Equity, Diversity, and Access.

This strategic direction includes four proposed actions:

  • strengthening engagement with historically underserved groups through increased outreach and communication efforts;
  • collaborating to discover new and improved ways that programs can be made more accessible and relevant, through both application and assessment processes;
  • reviewing and improving organizational policies and procedures through an equity lens;
  • and developing both dedicated and integrated funding strategies to better serve historically underfunded groups.

One of the main proposed tasks of the Equity Consultant would be to lead the creation of an equity framework that could guide these actions. Preference may be given to consultants who have experience in working with at least one equity-seeking community (Indigenous, person of colour, D/deaf, disabled, LGBTQ2S+).

The deadline for responses is July 22, 2019, 2pm. For more details on this request for proposals, click “Supplier Attachment Exists” on the BC Bid webpage.

Contact Person:

Allison Bottomley, A/Director, BC Arts Council