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First Peoples’ Cultural Council (FPCC) is now accepting applications for Indigenous Arts funding.

Learn more about the programs from their note below or head to their website at

The FPCC Arts Program provides Indigenous arts funding for First Nations, Métis and Inuit artists, communities and organizations in B.C. Those involved with the creation, development, production, marketing, promotion and distribution of their arts practice across all creative forms and expressions are invited to apply!

New Arts Program Structure!

If you have applied in the past, you may notice that the funding options have changed. We’ve streamlined the grants into four main program areas to improve the process for applicants. We are still supporting all the areas we supported before, just with fewer application and reporting forms to make things more convenient for you!

The new program areas are: Individual Artists, Arts Strengthening, Arts Infrastructure and Music.

These programs support artists and arts organizations to positively impact creative sovereignty in their respective activities, knowledge transfer, training and professional development.

Applications for all program areas will be accepted until September 15, 2023.

Click on each program title below to visit the program page, read the guidelines and start your application!

Individual Artists Program
Supports the artistic development of B.C. First Nations, First Nations, Métis and Inuit creators residing in B.C. with a creative practice of any medium or expression. Applicants can choose one of two options when applying:

  • Individual Artists – Up to $20,000 for artists to expand their portfolio, explore new approaches and techniques, connect with community and further develop their craft.
  • Scholarships – Up to $15,000 to support applicants enrolled in an arts program at a post-secondary institution.

Arts Strengthening Program
Supports arts revitalization opportunities for one-on-one arts mentorships or arts group knowledge transfer. Applicants can choose one of two options when applying:

  • One-on-one Arts Mentorships – Up to $30,000 to support artist apprentices to pursue a mentorship with an established artist.
  • Arts Group Knowledge Transfer – Up to $50,000 to support artists and B.C. First Nations arts and culture organizations in their arts revitalization efforts through group workshops. This stream was previously called Sharing Traditional Arts Generations.

Arts Infrastructure Program
Supports B.C. First Nations community organizations and First Nations-led non-profit arts and culture organizations and societies with art spaces construction or renovations, artistic production projects, administrative capacity building and operational support. Applicants can choose one of three options when applying:

  • Organizations – Up to $50,000 for artistic production, administrative capacity building and operational support.
  • Community Arts Spaces – Up to $75,000 for the development and enhancement of community arts and culture spaces.
  • Arts Administrator Internships – Up to $40,000 to support the transfer of knowledge to develop skills and increase capacity for arts administrators in a museum or art setting.

Music Program 
The FPCC Music Program supports B.C. First Nations, First Nations, Métis and Inuit music creatives and professionals residing in B.C. through grants and training programs. Funding includes support for musicians, recording engineers and music industry professionals.

  • Creation & Sharing – Up to $20,000 for individual artists in music creation, performance, recording, touring and promotion.
  • Recording Engineers – Mentorship – Up to $30,000 for emerging recording engineers who are operating an independent recording studio OR emerging recording engineers who have graduated from a recognized professional recording school or have a minimum of one year experience in a recording studio. 
  • Industry Professionals – Internship or Mentorship – Up to $20,000 for emerging music industry professionals in the roles of administrator, agent, promoter, manager, event organizer or presenter.

Indigenous Arts Funding Eligibility
Please check each program’s guidelines for specific eligibility. The FPCC Arts Program provides Indigenous Arts funding which includes individuals, governing bodies, organizations and collectives in B.C. As per our mandate, funding is prioritized for B.C. First Nations but all who identify as First Nations, Métis and Inuit Indigenous and are residents of B.C. are welcome to apply.

We will be accepting applications until September 15, 2023.

How to Apply
FPCC Arts Programapplications will be accepted using the FPCC Grant Portal. For more information about each program, how to apply and to read the application, please click on each program above.

We are here to provide support
If you need any support in choosing which grant to apply for or have questions about how to apply, please review the program guidelines and then contact the relevant Program Contacts listed below. Program staff will be available to support requests for one-on-one application assistance up until September 1, 2023.

Individual Artists Program: Leah Anthony,
Arts Strengthening Program: Nikki Rohani,
Arts Infrastructure Program: Nikki Rohani,
Music Program, Koralee Tonack,

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The Arts program is funded by the First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation, the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, the BC Arts Council, Mary A. Cargill Philanthropies and Creative BC. Visit each program page for the list of funders for that program.