The BC Arts Council has committed to a transformational set of objectives in its strategic plan New Foundations: 2018-2022. The priorities identified in this plan will shape the BCAC’s policies and programs over the next four years.

Stategic Plan for the BC Arts Council

Regional Arts and Community Arts

Commitment: We will focus on the diversity of both professional and community arts practices throughout the province, improving the accessibility and relevance of our programs.


  • Improve outreach and communication efforts across the province to increase our understanding of regionally-distinct arts practices and raise program awareness and accessibility.
  • Develop policies and practices to increase the capacity of regional arts and cultural organizations and artists to allow for full and meaningful participation in BC Arts Council programs.
  • Increase support for professional arts in non-urban areas, acknowledging the unique and diverse characteristics of regional arts.
  • Increase support for community arts throughout B.C., recognizing their importance in developing and celebrating vibrant communities.
  • Support organizations and artists across the province

Indigenous Arts and Culture

Commitment: We will deepen our engagement with the processes of decolonization and reconciliation, taking our lead from Indigenous artists, organizations and communities and respecting the principle of self-determination.


  • Engage in partnership with Indigenous communities and organizations to inform policies and programs.
  • Develop both dedicated funding and integrated policies that incorporate principles of reconciliation
    and accessibility into all programs.
  • Improve awareness of eligibility and funding through outreach and partnership initiatives while improving access to programs.
  • Enhance the support of Indigenous artists and cultural organizations, including both traditional and contemporary cultural expressions, as well as hybrid forms and experimentation.

Equity, Diversity and Access

Commitment: We will improve access to our programs, building principles of equity throughout the organization at every level to better support meaningful and genuine forms of diversity. We will do this through collaboration and co-creation with underserved communities.


  • Strengthen engagement with historically underserved groups through increased outreach and communication efforts.
  • Collaborate to discover new and improved ways that programs can be made more accessible and relevant, through both application and assessment processes.
  • Review and improve organizational policies and procedures through an equity lens.
  • Develop both dedicated and integrated funding strategies to better serve historically underfunded groups.

Sustainability and Creative Development

Commitment: We will build on our programs, bolstering support in much-needed funding areas to ensure that a diversity of artists and organizations are resilient, relevant and well supported to build capacity and create.


  • Increase support for professional and organizational capacity building and sustainability throughout the arts and culture sector. Amplify support for developmental opportunities for artists, arts administrators, and cultural organizations.
  • Build awareness of the opportunities and challenges relating to new technologies, and build capacity in the arts sector to meet them.
  • Encourage diverse forms of artistic research and experimentation.
  • Expand support for underserved artists and organizations, including greater opportunities for accelerated advancement.

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Our values guide all of our decisions and activities, from program design to the peer review process. We strive for constant improvement under these values in how we serve artists and cultural organizations throughout B.C.

  • Artistic Development and Achievement

    Supporting the development and achievement of diverse practices by artists and cultural organizations.
  • Indigenous Engagement and Cultural Vitality

    Indigenous Engagement and Cultural Vitality: Engaging with Indigenous artists and organizations guided by principles of cultural vitality and self-determination.
  • Equity, Access and Diversity

    Striving for equitable access to arts and culture funding and programs for underserved artists, organizations and audiences.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships

    Collaborating and co-creating with arts and cultural communities throughout the province to improve the council’s programs and practices.
  • Engagement and Participation

    Facilitating opportunities for all people in British Columbia to engage with and participate in arts and culture.
  • Recognition and Promotion

    Improving access to and visibility of British Columbia’s artists and cultural organizations locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Fair and Transparent Governance

    Using fair and transparent processes guided by principles of accountability, independence, merit, and equity.