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We’re seeking images from grant recipients that help tell the story of B.C.’s arts and culture community over the past year. These images will be considered for use in our 2021/22 annual report, our website, and on other platforms.

We’re looking for a variety of images that show:

  • BC Arts Council funded activities which happened between April 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022
  • the diversity of practices and projects that make up arts and culture in the province (e.g. performances, exhibits, technical production, accessibility initiatives, literary activities, mentoring and behind-the-scenes, etc.)

In addition to traditional production or exhibition documentation, we’re looking for photos that demonstrate what the sector looked like behind the scenes, particularly as individuals and organizations continued to meet the various challenges of the pandemic. This is an opportunity to highlight those who might not always be featured in promotional materials but who are integral to the vibrancy of arts and culture in the province. For these more candid and behind-the-scenes shots, we understand that resolution or image quality might not be as high as traditional marketing or publicity photos, but please feel free to still share them with us.

All photos need to be accompanied by a completed photo release form, which includes additional detail about photo usage.

Anything under 10MB can be emailed directly to us at

To send images over 10MB, please contact us at the email above to arrange for an alternative method to transfer the files.