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We are pleased to announce that the Arts Infrastructure Program is now accepting applications.

“Part of building a strong foundation for success in the B.C. arts community requires addressing infrastructure needs,” said Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport. “Grants through the Arts Infrastructure Program are making a big difference in empowering B.C.’s arts and cultural organizations to create better work spaces that are more inclusive and accessible for B.C. artists.”

This program helps with the development and enhancement of spaces that support the work of B.C.’s arts and cultural practitioners. All projects must be completed before December 31, 2025.

Project categories are:

Category 1. Planning & Consultation
Planning processes and research to support the acquisition, development and/or enhancement of arts and cultural facilities.
Maximum grant: $25,000.

Category 2. Capital Improvements
Building-based projects involving the construction, renovation, acquisition, and/or expansion of an arts and cultural facility.
Maximum grant: $250,000.

Category 3. Specialized Equipment Acquisition
Projects focused solely on the purchase of specialized equipment for long-term use and associated installation expenses.
Maximum grant: $40,000.

Applications can be submitted any time until November 25, 2022.

You can find more information about grant amounts, eligibility, and how to apply on the program page.

“We recognize that many arts and cultural organizations have limited resources when it comes to improving or expanding their work spaces,” said
Bob D’Eith, Parliamentary Secretary for Arts and Film. “These grants are available to arts and culture organizations for a range of costs related to capital projects, such as improving safety features, increasing accessibility or buying specialized equipment, all of which greatly enhances services for B.C. artists.”

Check our website and social media channels for upcoming information sessions to learn more about this program.

“The BC Arts Council continues to recognize the importance of safe, accessible arts and culture spaces right across the province,” said Sae-Hoon Stan Chung, Chair of the BC Arts Council. “The Arts Infrastructure Program supports artists to create and bring communities closer.”

For general information or further assistance, please contact:

Telephone: 250-356-1718


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