Application Assistance  provides a contribution towards costs for artists and arts and culture practitioners who are Deaf or have a disability, to register for the online grant system, and create and submit applications, project updates, and final reports for BC Arts Council grant programs.

Application Assistance Guidelines (PDF)

Application Assistance Guidelines (WORD)

Who Can Apply

Application Assistance requests are limited to:

  • Individual artists or arts and culture practitioners who self-identify as Deaf or have a disability.


  • Applicants submitting for organizations with a primary purpose to support practitioners who are Deaf or have a disability, as specified in the organization’s constitution, who themselves self-identify as Deaf or have a disability.

Individuals or Organizations must also:

  • be eligible for the associated grant for which they are applying.

Application Assistance requests are confidential and will not be seen by assessment panels evaluating grant applications.

When to Request Assistance

Application Assistance requests should be made at least three weeks before the program deadline or final report due date. Requests received less than three weeks before the deadline may not be supported.

What Can be Funded

Application Assistance is available to support:

  • Registering for the BC Arts Council online Grant Management System (GMS).
  • Creating, developing, and submitting a grant application to the BC Arts Council.
  • Developing and submitting a Project Update or Final Report for a BC Arts Council grant.

Application Assistance can pay for the costs of:

  • Editing
  • Interpretation
  • Translation from Sign Language
  • Transcribing or inputting of text
  • Reading guidelines, forms, and online applications
  • Obtaining support materials
  • Other accessibility costs as discussed with staff

Contact the Accessibility Coordinator to ask about the support you need if it is not listed. Contact details are located at the bottom and side of this page.

What Will Not be Funded

  • Support to assist with non-BC Arts Council grant applications.
  • Costs of accessibility services needed to carry out a project. See Access Support here.

Funding Amount

Application Assistance amounts range based on type of support required. See the listings below for the maximum contributions provided by the BC Arts Council by type of assistance and application. Applicants are encouraged to compare service provider’s rates to the maximum costs the BC Arts Council provides and discuss with their support provider. We will only pay for costs up to the maximum amounts, which may only cover part of the total costs.

How to Make a Request

Contact the Accessibility Coordinator to discuss your needs, your request, or determine your eligibility for BC Arts Council programs. To make a formal Application Assistance request you will need to provide:

  • the name of the BC Arts Council grant program you are applying to
  • the name and contact information for the individual or individuals supporting you (i.e.: service providers)

Note: BC Arts Council staff cannot assist with grant writing and cannot recommend service providers.

How Requests Will Be Reviewed

Application Assistance requests will be reviewed for eligibility by a small internal committee of BC Arts Council staff led by the Accessibility Coordinator. Funding is provided based on eligible expenses up to the maximum contributions listed below. Application Assistance is confidential and will not be shown to assessment panels.

Notification of Application Assistance

Notification of results will be sent by email to both you and individuals supporting you (i.e.: service providers) within seven business days of your request. The email will include:

  • the maximum amount the BC Arts Council will contribute.
  • payment conditions and processes.

Payment of Application Assistance

When the individuals supporting you (i.e.: Service Providers) have completed their work and the application or report has been submitted, they must send a final invoice for their services, up to the maximum amount, directly to the BC Arts Council within 30 days. Program Staff will process the invoice and provide payment within six weeks.

As a government agency, all payments are subject to an authorizing appropriation under the Financial Administration Act. We reserve the right to redistribute, delay or suspend payments if required.

Final Report

A final report is not required for Application Assistance.

Information for Individuals Supporting You (i.e.: Service Providers)

Here are some ways that Service Providers can get started:

  • Find out what services the applicant is looking for, what their project is, and the type of grant they wish to apply for.
  • If you are supporting an individual, ensure the applicant has an up-to-date resume of their artistic activities.
  • Familiarize yourself with the steps required to apply by visiting How to Apply Online.
  • Review the website Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Review the maximum amounts for services below to compare with your rates.

Confidentiality of Information

The collection, use, and disclosure of personal information are subject to the privacy provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The Application Assistance Request information will not be shared with members of the assessment panel or shared publicly without explicit permission from the individual.

Maximum contribution by type of assistance

Maximum contribution is per Application Assistance request.

Profile Registration assistance

Applicants who identify barriers in registering for an online account can work with a support person to register.

Maximum contribution: $150

Transcription, visual assistance, application development, editing services, organizing support materials

Applicants who identify barriers within the writing or inputting process can work with a support person to frame their original ideas or concepts, edit text or organize support materials to complete their application.

Application Type: Professional Development

Maximum contribution: $400

Application Type: All other grants

Maximum contribution: $700

Application Type: Updates or Final Reports on successful grants

Maximum contribution: $250

Sign language interpretation or translation

Applicants who are Deaf can work with an interpreter to review guidelines, complete an application using ASL or another sign language, have it translated into written English and submitted.

Application Type: Professional Development

Maximum contribution: $600

Application Type: All other grants

Maximum contribution: $1200

Application Type: Updates or Final Reports on successful grants

Maximum contribution: $400

Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines (WORD)

Program Guidelines (PDF)

These guidelines are revised and updated with regularity. Ensure you have the most current version of these guidelines by checking the website at this link.

Contact Us – We are here to help!

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