This program assists BC residents with full-time arts training costs after they finish secondary school.

The Scholarship Program, the oldest program of Council, provides funding of up to $6,000 per year to outstanding arts students studying at the post-secondary level. B.C. residents attending full-time studies in a fine-arts diploma or degree program at a recognized college, university, institution or academy, in any country, are eligible to apply. Half-day high school dance programs may also be eligible.

This is a highly competitive, adjudicated process, and successful applicants will be assessed on their portfolio as well as the rest of their application. Recognized disciplines include arts administration, community-based arts practice, museology, conservation, dance, media arts, theatre, music, curatorial practice, and visual art.

Who Can Apply

Eligible applicants must be:

  1. At least 15 years of age at the time of application. Applicants who do not meet this requirement must submit a letter outlining reasons for special consideration (subject to approval by the jury).
  2. A Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, able to provide a Canadian social insurance number.
  3. A permanent resident in British Columbia. Applicants must be prepared to provide supporting documents.
    • For the purposes of this program a B.C. resident is one whose primary residence has been in B.C. for at least one year immediately prior to application, and who ordinarily lives in B.C. (for at least six months each year with the exception of attending a post-secondary program of study) and files tax returns to Canada Revenue Agency as a British Columbia resident.
    • If you spent the year prior to application as a full-time student who has continued studying since high school, your residency may also be defined as the Canadian province in which your parent(s) (your main financial supporter), step-parent(s), sponsor or legal guardian have lived
      most recently for 12 continuous months.
    • B.C. residents should carry B.C. Medical, B.C. driver’s licence/ID and, if they have student loans, they should be issued by British Columbia. Students also must intend to return to B.C. when their studies are completed.

4. Will be attending an eligible full-time program as per Program Eligibility.

All interested applicants should review the program guidelines for further information about what is eligible for funding.

How to Apply

The application intake opens approximately six weeks before the program deadline.

All applicants, especially those who are new to the program, are urged to discuss their request with the program officer that corresponds to their area of practice prior to submission.

Please note that program staff are typically available during regular business hours Monday - Friday. If a deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, staff will be unavailable on that day.

Program Guidelines

Program guidelines are revised annually. Please ensure that you download and review the most recent version posted to the website.

Scholarships Program Guidelines

Scholarships Frequent Asked Questions

Scholarships Portfolio Requirements Booklet

Scholarships Artistic Appraisal form