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We’ve made changes to the Project Assistance programs for Professional Dance, Professional Music, and Professional Theatre. These changes will allow for more direct support to individual artists and also better reflect the creation process for new work in the performing arts.

The Project Assistance programs for the performing arts now feature two categories that applicants can apply to:

  • Creation and Development supports the initial stages of the creative process. Individuals, collectives and organizations can apply to develop and make new creative works.
  • Production and Realization supports further stage project development, production, remounts, post production and presentation. Individuals, collectives and organizations can apply to create projects intended for presentation.

Applicants can apply for either category or, for projects that encompass both creation and presentation, apply for both categories in a single proposal.

In addition, for the first time, individual artists can apply to these programs, under the Creation and Development category, for subsistence costs.