Arts Impact Grants are responsive and flexible funding for arts and culture organizations and collectives. The intention of the program is to allow applicants to prioritize a specific project or group of related activities that will provide the most meaningful impact to their organization, artistic practice, or to their community.

Applications will be assessed in one of the following categories:

1. Foundational Impact – Learning, Expanding, and Stabilizing
Supports the strengthening, expansion, or stabilization of organizations or collectives.
Examples may include (but are not limited to):

• Creating new, or expanding leadership and support positions
• Mentorships, internships, and co-op placements
• Board or staff training and development
• Policy planning and development
• Sustainability practices or environmental initiatives
• Funding of operating expenses towards organizational stability

2. Community Impact – Connecting, Engaging, and Extending
Supports connection with a new, pre-existing, or broader community.
Examples may include (but are not limited to):

• Audience, market, and outreach development
• Community or youth engagement
• Inter-community artist networking and engagement
• Sector development or service projects delivered by arts service organizations

3. Artistic and Cultural Impact –
a) Imagining, Creating, and Producing
Supports the early-stage development, creation, or production of work or exhibitions.
Examples may include (but are not limited to):

• Research and development
• Commissions or residencies to create new work
• Revisions and redevelopment of work
• Workshopping or creative collaboration
• Creation of digital projects
• Integration of environmentally sustainable materials, methods or practices

b) Sharing, Showcasing, and Promoting
Supports the presentation, exhibition, and circulation of work, and connection to audiences.
Examples may include (but are not limited to):

• Productions, remounts, presentations, or exhibitions
• Marketing or promotion projects
• Touring or circulation of work
• Environmentally sustainable practices
• Post-production evaluation

Download the ARTS IMPACT GRANTS Program Guidelines (PDF) (revised Oct.18)

Download the ARTS IMPACT GRANTS Application Preview (word)

Review the Program Guidelines to learn about:

  • How to apply
  • Who can apply
  • Eligible projects and expenses
  • Exclusions
  • Grant amounts
  • What is needed for the application, including support material
  • How applications will be assessed

Please review the Program Guidelines before contacting the Program Advisor.

Applications are currently being accepted until DECEMBER 1, 2022.


Application Assistance
This program provides funding for support services required to create and submit grant applications, project updates, and final reports for BC Arts Council grants.

Access Support
This program provides additional funding to support access costs associated with a project funded by a BC Arts Council grant.


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How to Apply

Applications are submitted through the Grant Management System.

New applicants must register and create a profile in the online system. Once the registration request is submitted, it may take up to four business days to process your request.